Dave is an accomplished executive coach and senior certified Birkman consultant with over 25 years of diverse organizational expertise in both the profit and non-profit sectors.

Using a combination of comprehensive, objective, and reliable assessment tools and his own executive experience, Dave specializes in guiding senior executives and their teams to focus on and positively impact personal, team, and organizational development.


Dave co-founded Eagle's Flight, a world-renowned company with innovative ideas about corporate training that translated into a series of engaging and results-driven learning programs. These learning programs met with remarkable success and gave Dave the opportunity to provide experiential training around the world.

As president and CEO of Eagle's Flight, Dave's vision and strategic leadership led a responsive and adaptable entrepreneurial team to achieve global sales of over $10 million within 10 years.

Eagle's Flight continues to have a lasting impact on the way organizations learn. Today, the company is creating positive change in 45 countries.

In recognition of his many entrepreneurial achievements, Dave was named an Ontario Finalist for Ernst and Young's Entrepreneur of the Year Award.


Dave facilitates dynamic and interactive executive coaching, team building, and strategic planning experiences.

Leaders and leadership teams emerge with relevant and actionable strategies to create high-performance executives, executive teams, and organizations.

Industry leader

Elected to the Board of Directors for the Instructional Systems Association, an association of training industry leaders, Dave has presented on many topics, including International Business Strategies, Innovative Marketing, and Managing Exponential Growth.

Published author

Dave's book, Sweating From Your Eyes: Emotional Fitness for Men, was written in response to his deep interest in emotional intelligence and the unique impact men's emotional health has on the world around them. The book challenges men to a higher level of self-awareness and authenticity, and provides concrete strategies for change along with a coaching model to develop personalized goals.

Dave's home base is EverGreen Ranch, where he hosts client meetings in a private reflective setting and facilitates team learning experiences.

  • Young Dave Loney

    Dave’s passion for adventure started early! His mother was raised in Angola. Here he is while visiting his grandparents in Africa at four years old.

It's your lead.

Dave Loney: The Leaders' Coach

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A word about my tagline and logo...

"It's your lead" is a mountaineering term that signals someone that it is their turn to forge ahead.

My logo represents a mountaineering tool used by the leader to secure a chosen route.

These concepts align with my coaching style: I accompany my clients on their leadership journeys and facilitate as they choose their own best routes to personal and professional success.

Dave Loney

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