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"Knowledge is power." ~ Sir Francis Bacon

You're in a leadership position and you have important decisions to make. The kind of high-stakes decisions that can impact not only your future and the future of your organization, but also the careers and lives of those around you.

With great leadership comes great responsibility. And that includes a responsibility to make well thought out decisions based on the best information you can get.

Of all the variables that make up a good decision, one of the most critical is an accurate understanding of the person or people involved.

That's where The Birkman Method™ comes in.

The Birkman is one of the most comprehensive, objective, and reliable assessment tools available. A Birkman assessment will give you the powerful knowledge you need to see further down the road and achieve your desired business outcomes.

How will your executives perform under pressure? What are the natural strengths within the team? What are the team's blind spots?

What about hiring? Do you already have someone on board whose talents could be used more effectively? If you are hiring, when you're down to a short list of candidates, how do you determine who will be the best choice?

Get a good read on the people within your organization and the candidates your organization is considering. A Birkman assessment can be used to:

  • determine the course for a successful career

  • identify how a team member can excel in a current or future role

  • evaluate the suitability of candidates for your organization

  • measure against described competencies and specifically designed job profiles

  • benchmark peak performing individuals to inform future hiring strategies

Put the right people in the right place for the best results. As a senior certified Birkman consultant, Dave Loney is trained to dig deep and not only generate comprehensive, objective, and reliable insights, but help you work with those insights to build your next outstanding executive team.

It's your lead.

Dave Loney: The Leaders' Coach

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A word about my tagline and logo...

"It's your lead" is a mountaineering term that signals someone that it is their turn to forge ahead.

My logo represents a mountaineering tool used by the leader to secure a chosen route.

These concepts align with my coaching style: I accompany my clients on their leadership journeys and facilitate as they choose their own best routes to personal and professional success.

Dave Loney

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