Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does a Birkman assessment take?

    It only takes 40 minutes online. After you complete the online portion, you'll be given a basic report. I will guide you through the interpretation of your Birkman report in a two hour debrief.

    Although it is possible to invest 45 minutes in a basic Birkman debrief and still come out with valuable insights, I won't do that. There is so much wisdom contained in a basic report that I feel it takes about two hours to thoroughly explore the content with you and also help ensure you are equipped to utilize the insights it generates.

  2. How does The Birkman Method™ compare to other assessments?

    The Birkman reaches further. It does not put people into little boxes. It is infinitely subtle. The Birkman works with what IS and gives you the insight and the tools to accelerate your vision.

    Significantly, it assesses both personality characteristics and how those characteristics interact with specific situations. It also views each identified behaviour through multiple lenses.

    So a Birkman assessment digs deeper and can be applied more broadly than other assessment methods. The Birkman will help you predict future behaviours and how they will impact desired results.

    For white papers comparing the Birkman to the Hogan Personality Inventory®, the Clifton StrengthsFinder® 2.0, and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) see For information on Birkman's reliability and Validity see

  3. What about confidentiality?

    I take pride in my absolute discretion and have been blessed with a short-term memory. Your secrets are safe with me.

  4. How will you help me with stress?

    I help you reduce stress and focus on your strengths. Using a process I have designed and successfully used with many clients, you will learn to maximize your effectiveness by concretely identifying the changes you can initiate in order to stay in strength.

    You will be able to measure the difference implementing these changes makes for you personally and professionally.

  5. How many times will we meet? Where will we meet?

    We will meet as often as you need to, usually every other week, and at least once a month, depending on your coaching objectives and urgency for change.

    I offer a private and reflective coaching space an hour west of the Toronto airport at EverGreen Ranch. The drive to and from the ranch invariably translates into a refreshing and grounding thinking time for my clients. Time to collect thoughts prior to meeting and to collate the valuable insights generated at our meetings.

    At your convenience, we can also meet in a quiet coffee shop, your favourite restaurant, your own personal or workplace meeting space, or over Skype.

  6. How big does a team have to be to benefit from a Birkman assessment?

    There is no too small or too big. The first person you "team" with is yourself! Then you branch out to those around you. Get to know the power of the Birkman for your self first. Then arrange it for your team. It will help you lead with deeper insight AND strengthen your team.

  7. What is one of the most important characteristics of a high-performing executive team?

    Lots and lots of human energy laser focused to deliver results.

    Okay. So how does that energy get created and focused?

    • Team members have done the work to generate a strong sense of self and awareness of others.

    • Team members know, value, and inspire each other. They understand what it takes to help others succeed, they are willing to defer to others, and they are able to effectively share ideas and all available resources.

    • The team operates with clarity around a rewarding purpose and shared goals. To truly achieve a laser focus, a strong cohesiveness among engaged hearts and minds is critical.

    • Team members are encouraged to use their imagination and are free to explore ways to implement what they imagine.

    • Team leaders lead with deep-seated excellence while maintaining a flexible leadership style. They are able to exercise humility and control their own personal power, releasing or deferring their influence as needed. Especially, they know when to hand off to those equipped to excel.

    • A telltale characteristic of a high-performing executive team is that its members actually find the teamwork fun.

    Sound like an impossible dream? It's rare for a high-performing team to just happen. I am a senior certified Birkman consultant trained to generate the valuable insights and clear strategies you can use to create your next high-performing executive team.

  8. Are you able to help us locate executive candidates from outside our organization?

    Yes! I am connected with many excellent search professionals who would be happy to help you find your ideal candidate.

  9. Can you help us identify potential candidates from inside our organization?

    Yes! Identifying potential candidates from within is the best way to grow. But keep in mind that succession planning often begins too late. Let's get started!

  10. Once we've identified an ideal candidate, are you able to help put together a development plan for that candidate?

    Absolutely! Any development plan will include the creation of realistic goals and timelines along with regular feedback mechanisms.

  11. What are three typical development recommendations you make for succession candidates?
    • Know then grow yourself. Identify and learn to fully leverage your strengths.

    • Know then grow your market. Identify market needs and niches and determine where you can best make your mark.

    • Know then grow your team. Shore up your weaknesses by enlisting others. Harness the talent around you by creating an environment where others thrive and results flow.

  12. What are some of the priorities new executives need to address in their first two weeks on the job?

    Specific priorities will be determined by specific circumstances, but a few rules of thumb apply to all new executives:

    • Be prepared. Day one is too late to make your plan.

    • Be visible before you begin.

    • Ensure the message others hear is what you want to say.

    • Connect with and build your high-performing team. A great team can help ensure quick wins to build momentum and confidence.

    Need help? I have the know-how and experience to coach new executives through their first important weeks on the job so they can start making important contributions sooner.

  13. I'm interested in planning my next career steps. How do we get started?

    Congratulations! If you're reading this, you already recognize the importance of getting these next steps right.

    Your unique circumstances will dictate the specific first steps that will work best for you. To navigate well though, certain steps are required:

    • We'll take a thorough look at all the experience you've got behind you and all the possibilities in front of you. After all it's YOUR career!

    • Good career planning launches from a state of clarity, with specific focus on the things that are most meaningful and motivating to you. Clarifying your passions will require a good look at your life in its entirety. Sound intimidating? It doesn't have to be. I have an absorbing and reflective exercise that will walk you through this important process.

    • Your next critical move is to get a Birkman report. The Birkman is a strong assessment tool that will draw out accurate insights about your strengths and the kind of environment you will thrive in. It will generate a career overview that will effectively compare your distinct personality and strengths with over three million others in a professional job database.

    • Feedback from your leaders, peers, mentors, and friends can also be very valuable in getting additional clarity.

    A broad examination of your personal and professional past and future, clarity around your passions, a thorough and objective look at your strengths and needs, and feedback from those who know you well will steer you toward your next great decisions.

  14. How long do your strategic planning sessions run? Where do they take place?

    To ensure a strong strategic plan, we will ideally meet a number of times over a 60 to 90 day period.

    Our meetings will take place at your office, and likely at an off-site retreat space. We will also gather valuable input through phone interviews and face-to-face meetings with key stakeholders.

  15. Can Birkman assessments be applied in all industries? What about the size of an organization?

    Retail, industrial, administrative . . . Birkman fits them all. I have used Birkman assessments for C-level executives, managers, and marriages.

  16. How long has The Birkman Method™ been around?

    A long time. Birkman assessments have been around for over 50 years and completed by over three million people. The norms are continually updated. As new research reveals greater understandings, these new understandings are incorporated into the tool.


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