Success is a blast.  Burnout – NOt so much.


For most leaders, staying on top of the energy game is the only way to win.

Why? Because being in your strengths every day, demands energy – every day.   You choose how to stay motivated. These daily choices make the difference between leading by strength and getting great results, or letting stress get the best of you, and paying the cost both personally and on the bottom line.

What you need is someone who has been there before, and can guide you to the solutions that renew your energy, build your team and grow your business.

 Stop expecting your stress to take you to the next level.

It’s a long way down.


So schedule a call today and discover how leadership coaching can help you to build on the success you’ve worked so hard to achieve.



Use a proven 3-stage process to pivot through energy depleting challenges and create solutions that fit you like a glove.

Discover What Is Really Going On

Understand the real dynamics impacting you at work and at home.

Deal Stress A Crushing Blow

Reclaim your energy.  With my proven process, you can recharge and focus on what matters most.

Create The Best Way Forward

Make team building decisions with confidence, and build your dream team.


As a Master Certified Birkman Professional, I am in the top 1% of my field, utilizing a science-backed assessment for leadership coaching that will help you understand the ‘WHY’ behind individual and team behaviours, and the ‘WHAT’ that consistently improves your business results.

I have built a successful 10 million dollar company from scratch, learning the hard lessons of burnout first hand.  I understand what it takes and know how to help you  find and live your true story.  I have been coaching leaders and teams for the past 30 years.

As a leadership coach, I also offer Basecamp for Teams. It’s a process that helps you to discover the real dynamics in your work environment, understand your team’s unique strengths and reclaim lost energy.
There is a new way forward.
Discover how team building can re-energize your business.Because business is supposed to be challenging and fun.


Schedule a Call

Let’s discuss your business, your key challenges and your next steps.

Leadership Coaching: Step 2

Focus Your Energy

I’ll walk you through a 3 Stage Process so you can measurably increase your energy and lead from your strengths.

Lead your team with leadership coaching

Change Your Life

Implement core strategies to lead your team with energy left over to enjoy your life and family.

“Dave’s coaching is life changing and gets results. I have found Dave to have high integrity, compassion and his advice to be extremely valuable and transformational.” 

Clive Lobo, CPA
Principal at Christian Zach LP (Real Estate Investments)

The Birkman for leadership coaching

I’m a Birkman Master Certified Consultant.


That means I’m at the top of the ‘Birkman Certified Professionals’ spectrum.

I have gone above and beyond in learning how to use the Birkman Method in very difficult, sensitive situations.

Why?  Because I’ve seen the results.

The Birkman has helped millions of leaders worldwide in companies of all sizes, to create deeper understanding of themselves and their teams.  Leaders that increase their profits by building stronger teams, resolving conflict, improving relationships, reducing turnover and making solid hiring decisions.

Every leader I have coached has utilized the accuracy and science of the Birkman.

What is the Birkman? It’s a science-backed suite of tools that I apply in leadership coaching and team building to empower growth and performance. 

“I found it useful to start the process with the Birkman assessment, as it is a great awareness vehicle.” 

Tim Magwood
Founding Partner, Fusion Learning (a Profit 100 Company)

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My Mission

I coach leaders and build teams,      in an authentic environment so entrepreneurial leaders can increase their capacity, capability and impact.


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