This past July 31, Birkman International, creators of the internationally renowned personality assessment tool, The Birkman Method, sent out a Tweet to its global network:

“We are very excited to announce that Signature Certification is now Accredited by ICF! 

As a Master Certified Birkman Professional, I shared in the ICFs (International Coaching Federation) excitement. Since 2006 I’ve been using The Birkman Method exclusively in my practice as a coaching tool for leaders and teams. Birkman has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for my coaching career—it can do the same for yours.

International Coaching Federation and advanced education

Many of you are familiar with the ICF, or you may be an ICF-certified coach. For over 20 years, ICF has set high professional standards for coaching as a profession, provided independent certification and built a network of credentialed coaches.

One way in which ICF coaches can get supplemental and advanced education is through Continuing Coach Education (CCE) credits. This is where Birkman comes in. As of this summer, Birkman’s Signature Certification now can be used as credit hours for ICF coaches seeking advanced continuing education.  

“This accreditation reflects the quality of learning provided in Birkman Signature Certification,” says Sharon Birkman, President and CEO of Birkman. “ We are thrilled that such a prestigious and impactful organization as ICF has recognized our Birkman Signature Certification training.”

The value of a scientific tool in coaching

Birkman has grown over the past 60 years to be one of the most influential personality assessments across the globe. As someone who uses the Birkman Method every day, I know why. Rigorously developed for reliability and validity, Birkman takes the guess work out of understanding how to lead individuals and teams to create successful outcomes.

Again and again I’ve seen how accurate it is. It goes much deeper than the usual self described behaviour and situational analysis by revealing the underlying needs that motivate an individual, their likely reactions, and their behaviours when they are under stress. The insights it provides has helped leaders I’ve coached understand how to bridge the gap between how they want to lead and how they actually are impacting their team.

Build your coaching practice on a brand you can trust

My advice for coaching professionals, however, goes beyond just what I see Birkman accomplish for my clients.

Once I incorporated Birkman into my practice, I never looked back. I have been able to coach full time, and grow my practice. As a Learning Partner of Birkman International, I am licensed to certify others in The Birkman Method.

My advice to other coaches is this: Adding the Birkman Signature Certification to your credentials is an excellent way to differentiate your practice. You will align yourself with a brand that executives have known and trusted for decades, and by doing so, join a world wide network of coaches, consultants and HR professionals that bring you invaluable support and resources.

“This accreditation is a substantial achievement for Birkman and our international network of users,” says Dan Perryman, Vice President of Training and Consultant Development at Birkman.

Congratulations to Birkman and the ICF on this achievement!

CCE credits are available to ICF coaches who want supplemental and advanced education, or coaches that either wish to acquire new learning, and/or are renew their ICF Credential, Continuing Coach Education (CCE) credits are available.

Ask Dave about Birkman Certification Training in Canada to fill these credit requirements.

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