building resilience


Use a proven 3-stage process to pivot through energy depleting challenges by building resilience and creating solutions that fit you like a glove.

Discover What Is Really Going On

Understand the real dynamics impacting you at work and at home.

Deal Stress A Crushing Blow

Reclaim your energy.  With my proven process, you can recharge and focus on what matters most. 

Create The Best Way Forward

Make decisions with confidence, build your resilience and your dream team.

Don’t go it alone.

You’ve chosen to lead. You have vision and passion for making change happen and inspiring others. It’s exhilarating to see results and share success. It can also be exhausting. You know how hard you work.… and how so little energy is left over to truly enjoy your life.

How do you leverage all that’s inside you to push the boundaries? To stay in the game, building resilience and your dream?

Get the support you need – leading isn’t easy. That’s where I come in.   I’ve built a successful team and a 10 million dollar company from scratch.  I understand how it feels to be isolated, at work and at home, surrounded by people I truly care about.

Like you, I know what it’s like to be frustrated by the amount of energy it takes to do my best work, and not have the focus to recover, to stay on top.   Nobody should have to go it alone in business. 

With over 30  years of experience developing leaders and teams, I can guide you to the solutions that renew your energy, build your team and grow your business, while you focus on the work you love.

Explore your challenges in safety and total confidence. Then make the changes that matter.

Schedule a call today to discuss a new way forward.



building resilience
step one: building resilience

Schedule a Call

We’ll discuss your business, your key challenges and your next steps.

step 2 building resilience

Focus Your Energy

I’ll walk you through a 3 Stage Process  called “Basecamp for Leaders” so you can measurably increase your energy and lead from your strengths.

step 3 building resilience

Change Your Life

Implement the key learnings and make best decisions to lead your team and have energy left over to enjoy your life and family.

“I appreciate Dave’s deeply personal style. Becoming a more effective executive is paramount, but not out of context of life, relationships and faith. Our times together not only help me get at the organizational objectives, I come away encouraged in my spirit and feeling cared for in a genuine way.” 


Neil Ostrander, CEO
International Teams Canada

” I went from emotional and financial bankruptcy to running very successful companies. I am now financially independent based on what I learned from Dave.  His coaching take in all aspects of one’s personal journey.  I highly recommend Dave.” 


Clive Lobo, CPA
Principal at Christian Zack LP (Real Estate Investments)

Experience a positive
coaching relationship

Make the Changes that Matter

building resilience

Achieve a higher “ROL” – Return on Life 


Cultivate a profound sense of self-awareness and insight


Draw out the best in yourself and those around you


Face challenges and overcome obstacles


Create development strategies and improve your leadership skills


Resolve personal and team conflict

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My Mission

I coach leaders and build teams in an authentic environment so entrepreneurial leaders can increase their capacity, capability and impact.


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Realize your potential and live a more rewarding life

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