The energy your business needs is hidden in your people.  Identify that potential and ignite it to produce measurable results.

Stress to Strength ™ is a powerful team performance program. It combines an innovative coaching package with The Birkman Method®, one of the most comprehensive, objective and reliable assessment tools available.

Each Leader participates in individualized, personal and confidential coaching.  Together, we measure stress and create customized solutions to increase energy. Then we follow up with more coaching and measurement to ensure greater learning and personal application. Interactive Team Sessions pull this learning together, building trust, momentum and a powerful new way forward.

The result? Responsive, resilient executive leaders who know how to invigorate the strengths unique to their teams, and high-performing members who help each other succeed.

Individuals and teams learn how to:


Improve communication and build healthy, effective teams


Enhance decision making and its impact in the boardroom and on the shop floor


Modify behaviours, maximize strengths and create resilience


Decrease anxiety, over-thinking and lack of focus


Improve ability to manage change


Aid in conflict resolution and build healthy team functioning

How it works:


Explores stress behaviors and increases energy


Guides participants to understand each other’s needs and strengths


Cultivates a profound sense of self-awareness and insight


Identifies the unique needs and strengths of each team member, including the leader


Coaches individuals and teams to modify their behaviors and maximize strengths

Help your leaders discover the strengths that enable them to thrive.

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Focus Your Energy

I’ll walk you through a 7-part framework to measurably improve your team’s energy and help them lead from their strengths.

Change Your Life

Implement  key learnings and make the best decisions with your team to increase clarity, motivation, and focused action.

“The Stress to Strength program has helped me proactively navigate the stress challenge effectively as we continue adding programs and staff to our growing firm.” 


Brian Carney
CEO, Blue Sea Philanthropy Helping Charities Thrive

“Dave brought me fresh insights and solutions, answers for improving weaknesses, and new tools for managing stress triggers. I highly recommend this detailed approach to self-improvement.” 


Lorna Dueck
Executive Producer, Media Voice Generation / Context with Lorna Dueck

Stress to Strength helps leaders understand how underlying stress affects the gap between how they want to lead and how they actually are impacting their team. I highly recommend senior HR leaders add this tool to their tool box.” 


Ed Pypker
Corporate HR Director

“The result of Dave’s work with us was that significant leadership and team issues were addressed – and thoroughly. He helped put The Scott Mission on a very solid and healthy footing that, two years since, is showing its fruit. The CEO and his team are leading the organization with professionalism and care.” 


Jonathan Wilson
Leadership & Strategy Consultant, Writer, Speaker

“Dave provides a safe and comfortable coaching environment through his insight, past experience and calming nature. He is a skilled Birkman Coach, who provides a deeper understanding of not only the data, but also ourselves. To foster more collaborative relationships, Dave provided the tools we needed. He brings forward tangible methodologies, to not only recognize our stressors, but to manage stress triggers as well. I highly recommend Dave and his approach to self-improvement.” 


Robin Coomber, CHRL
Director Human Resources, Corporate Head Office

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